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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is KCSL different from ACSL?

  • KCSL organizes ACSL for students/teams participating from Korea and other Asian countries except China. KCSL uses the same test materials with no or little modifications as ACSL test materials, and test results are reported to the ACSL Leaderboard where the scores of all participants from all regions are posted. 

  • KCSL is operated independently of ACSL, thus all inquiries from Korea about ACSL should be directed to

2. Can I register my students with ACSL at the ACSL homepage?

  • If your institution/team is in Korea, you must register with the KCSL office. 

3. Can I register as an individual?

  • No, you must belong in a team led by an adult advisor. 

4. How many students can form one team?

  • There is no limit to the number of students that can belong in one team. For example, a group of 10 students may be registered for Intermediate 3 but only the top three scores will be counted as the team score. 

5. Can different students compete in different rounds?

  • Yes, but in case the final round is hosted as an individual contest for any reason (like 2019-2020), a minimum score will be required from the preliminary rounds for the advancement to the final round, in which case those students who have taken all preliminary contests will be at an advantage. 

6. Can I use any assistance during the test?

  • With an exception of a dictionary, no resources including the Internet, calculators, and human assistance are allowed. 

7. How is each contest scored and how does a team advance to the final round?

  • Both Short Problems (Theory) and Programming parts consist of five questions, each of which is worth one point. (Max. score 10) For each contest, the sum of the top 3 or 5 students determines the team score.

  • In normal times, based upon the cumulative team score of all four preliminary contests, about 80 teams from all regions are invited to the All Star Contest.

8. Can I purchase previous test materials?

  • Free sample tests are available at this homepage. More test prep materials and previous test problems are available for sale at ACSL Prep Materials

9. Where should I send my inquiries about the contest?

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