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1072 S De Anza Blvd B203

San Jose, CA 95129

DUBLIN - 925-551-5365

7567 Amador Valley Blvd #205

Dublin, CA 94568

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Sam Woo

Rice University
M.S. in Applied Mathematics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science

Senior Director

James Ahn


B.S in Business-Economics

ACE Gangnam Director

Jongwon Kim

UC Berkeley

B.A. in Applied Mathematics

Math Instructor

Sorayah Siahpolo

San Jose State University

B.S. in Computer Engineering

Computer Science Instructor

Maryam Runiassy

San Jose State University

M.S. in Computer Engineering

Razi University

B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering

Computer Science Instructor

Dr. Ganesh

University of New Mexico

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Chemistry Instructor

Mr. Lim

University of Kentucky
M.S. in Electrical Engineering

University of Bristol
B.S. in Electronics & Communications Engineering

Computer Science Instructor

Ms. Bergh

UC Irvine

B.A. in English Literature

Language Arts Instructor

Ms. Liana

UC Berkeley
M.A. in Rhetoric

Brown University
B.A. with Honors in Semiotics-French

Language Arts Instructor

Ms. Maggie

Mills College

M.A. in English

UC Berkeley
B.A. in Comparative Literature

Language Arts Teacher

David Ree

Major Political Science
Core Teaching Subjects SAT Reading, SAT Essay
Areas of Expertise Application Essay

Dongjoon Lee

Major Computer Science
Core Teaching Subjects SAT Math, SAT Subject Math2C, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, AMC

Mark Ahn


B.S in Economics

Heesuk Suh

Major Physics
Core Teaching Subjects AP/SAT Physics, AP Statistics, AP/SAT Chemistry

Hyunmi Choi

Major Biology
Core Teaching Subjects AP.SAT Biology

Kyndra Love

Major English & Second Language Studies
Areas of Expertise Consulting Essay, SAT Essay

Christopher H. Harrison

Major East Asian Area Studies & International Relations
Areas of Expertise Application Essay

Sarah Park

Major English Literature
Areas of Expertise Application Essay

John Kim

Major Cinematic Arts
Areas of Expertise Consulting essay

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