• Dr. John Seo

    Dr. John Seo was formerly the President & COO AIBrain, an artificial intelligence technologies development firm that was selected as one of the Global Top 20 AI companies by Datamation as well as one of the Top 5 Conversational AI companies by Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Conversational Intelligence Challenge in 2016. Prior to joining AIBrain, he founded Yeonjoo Systems in 1989 and led the development team for X terminal emulation software, Xcute, for PCs, raster to vector image conversion program for engineering drawings and geographical maps, ENDRES, and document imaging system, MetaDesk. Metadesk was the first local software selected by IBM as one of their product lines. He also founded FrissNet in Silicon Valley to develop a computer network switching software. John received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and statistics from Seoul National University, master’s degree in computer engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and completed a Ph.D. from Seoul National University in computer graphics.

  • Dr. Stephen Omohundro

    Dr. Stephen Omohundro is an American computer scientist whose areas of research include Hamiltonian physics, dynamical systems, programming languages, machine learning, machine vision, and the social implications of artificial intelligence. His current work uses rational economics to develop safe and beneficial intelligent technologies for better collaborative modeling, understanding, innovation, and decision making. Omohundro earned degrees in physics and mathematics from Stanford University (Phi Beta Kappa) and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley. Omohundro started Self-Aware Systems in Palo Alto, California to research the technology and social implications of self-improving artificial intelligence. He is an advisor to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute on artificial intelligence.

  • Sam S. Woo

    Sam S. Woo, who is Senior Executive Director, joined ACE in 2007 while taking a Ph. D course at Rice University. Before joining ACE, he received a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics at Rice University. While pursuing his master’s degree, he extensively researched on nano computing and circuits, gaining insight into the intricate process of computer hardware configuration. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics & Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His strong fundamental knowledge of pure and advanced mathematics has helped many young clients by providing strong mentorship. Currently, he is also teaching top-tier students participating in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) at Twin Creek School.

  • L. Nien

    Mr. L. Nien is a technology enthusiast and a seasoned veteran in the field of technology who is currently living and working in Silicon Valley, California. He has led many cutting-edge projects in network routing, data center switching and network security. He has strong technical design skills and have a knack for design and bringing new enterprise products to market. His industry interest lies in hardware design, software engineering and firmware development. A director of Computer Science education, he has been mentoring and guiding for many years to instill the engineering mindset in the young generations. He graduated with the First Class Honors in Electronics and Communications from the University of Bristol, UK. He also holds a MS in electrical engineering from the University of Kentucky.

  • James Ahn

    James Ahn is a director at ACE Seoul Branch. After graduating from Alexander Hamilton Music High School in Los Angeles, California, he matriculated at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Business-Economics in 2001. While pursuing his education, James completed the industry-renowned Junior Summer Internship program at Morgan Stanley. He also secured an opportunity to refine his understanding of financial investment instruments at Sales & Trading division of Equity Capital Markets (ECM) at Cantor Fitzgerald & Co, a major global market maker in over 7,000 OTC securities, specializing in institutional sales, over-the-counter and listed trading, portfolio trading, risk arbitrage sales and trading, convertible sales and trading, stock loan, equity research and equity underwriting and advisory services. After graduating from UCLA, he joined Jones Lang LaSalle, the top asset disposition strategic consulting firm, before moving on to become Associate Consultant at Cushman & Wakefield. Offering asset allocation and disposition advice to multinational global corporations including Pfizer and Hewlett Packard, he gained knowledge and insight into the complexity of strategic consulting advisory services. In 2017, he became the regional director of Academic & Consulting Education, the umbrella educational consulting institute providing full vertical integration services.

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